Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Thoughts from a 3 year old

Just a quick post since I'm on a roll getting homework and things around the house accomplished right now.

Here are a few recent quotes and conversations with Ryan.

Driving to base for the Easter Party there were lots of low clouds.
I hear Ryan "Wow, look Mama, clouds!"
Me, "Very cool buddy!"
Ryan "Look Mama, teddy bear cloud!"
Me "You think that cloud looks like a teddy bear?"
Ryan "Ohhhh yeah."

Before my parents got here for the weekend.
Ryan "Mama, you no go school.  Stay home with Ry Ry."
Me "Sorry buddy, I have to go."
Ryan.....almost crying.  :(
20 Mins later after Papa has already talked about how Ryan is going to help him with the tools to do some yard work.
I'm still just hanging out drinking coffee when Ryan says "Bye Bye Mama, you go school now, I play tools."

Ryan got a lot of gifts this weekend with grandparents around and a birthday party.  Today he sees one of the boxes that a toy came in.  He runs over to it.
Ryan "E, s, o, take out, batteries, play, cars."  (Basically a mix of random words and letters.)
Me "What are you doing Ry?"
Ryan "Its ok Mama, I read directions you."
Me "Thanks buddy for reading me the directions."
Ryan "Your welcome"

Sean set me just because flowers which was such a bright spot of my day.
Ryan "Mama, flowers?"
Me "Yeah buddy, Daddy sent me flowers."
I bend over and show him the card.  He grabs it and runs off.
Ryan "Bryce look, To Mama, From Daddy."  So sweet he has to "read" the card to Bryce.

Bryce is in his crib crying the other night.
Ryan shouts "Nothing scared of Bryce, Daddy in there with you!"  (Daddy got Ryan a recordable book with him reading about monsters and how there isn't anything to be scared of because Daddy is here.  And Ryan knows that Bryce has a Daddy doll in his crib just like he has one in bed.)

Driving the other day.
Ryan "Mama, Daddy work."
Me "I know buddy, Daddy is at work."
Ryan "Daddy has tools."
Me "Daddy has tools at work?"
Ryan "Yeah, Daddy fixes things with tools."
Me "Daddy works with planes buddy not tools."
Ryan "No, Daddy has tools, he fixes planes."
(Me trying not to die laughing as I think about how to tell Sean that Ryan thinks he is an aircraft mechanic instead of flying in a jet).

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Please pack your knives and go....

Name that TV show!  Anyone?  Bueller...bueller.....

Well, it feels a little like Top Chef around here tonight.  Today was my last day of culinary class this semester (well, I have to go back in tomorrow but its just for paperwork).  And I must say that I'm both happy and sad.  I knew that it was going to be a challenge but it has really put me through the ringer at times this semester.  College the first time was so much easier.  Well, the classes were still hard but trying to manage having kids, a husband getting ready to and then actually deploying, pets and a house make classes this time all the more challenging.

The last three days have been a heck of a challenge too.  Four tests in three days!!!  Including a written, knife skills, herb/spice test and a culinary practical exam.  For anyone that has seen Chopped it was just like that.  No idea what we were going to have to make until we got there, then had to grab a sheet of paper that detailed the recipe, convert the recipe to a new yield then we had 30 mins to make you dish and present.  Wow.  Talk about getting your heart beating.  So glad that its all over.

On the other hand, I'm really going to miss learning new kitchen tips and tricks.  Guess I'll have to stick to trying new recipes from the internet until we start classes again in Aug.

Today was April's (my wonderful, talented, loving, amazing, nanny) birthday.  The boys love her so much which makes it so much easier for me to go to class (though I might have to start brain washing Bryce since he reaches for her now as much as me).  So the boys and I took her to a fancy dinner, Wingers.  Hey, kids eat free this month, add that to the fact that there are a whole 5 places to eat in town and you get a winner.  :)  Plus its always nice to get to go somewhere else to feed your almost 1 year old so you don't have to worry about cleaning up the giant mess he makes.  Around 1/2 way through the meal I realized that it was Bryce who was getting more difficult not Ryan (who usually has a very short attention span).  And by the end of the meal I could not believe how awesome Ryan had been.  He automatically said please and thank you for everything, ate his meal without a fight, didn't try to get out of the booth a 100 times, told me when he needed to go to the bathroom, and made funny faces to keep his brother happy.

To top it all off, he said "Thank you, have a good night" to each of the servers when we left.  After we got back to the house, he promptly walked April to the door, told her happy birthday, showed her which car was her's (he is very through), and said "April go in that car, turn, over bump bump, go home, come back and see Ry Ry tomorrow.  Night night April."  Then shut the door behind her.  I can't believe my little man was so sweet.  Now, I just need to work on getting him to realize that most people do know the directions on how to get to their own house and what their own car looks like.  But, I'll give him an A for thoughtfulness.

Now I just need to finish the rest of my online classes then "schools out for summer".  Anybody?  Well, that's probably enough random references for tonight.

"Until next time when...."   Ok, I'll stop now.