Thursday, December 17, 2015

Halloween Fun

Halloween in Athens is pretty interesting.  They don't celebrate this holiday here at all.  In order to get a chance to celebrate, all the Americans like to throw parties.  The kids were pretty lucky that they got so many chances at the fun.  First party was at the US Embassy.  The grounds are beautiful and they had lots of fun games for the kids to play.  The kids were extra lucky that Nanie brought costumes from the US, my Thor, Hulk and Cinderella were really excited!  

Cinderella and her Prince!

My Hulk with our neighbor Hulk!  These two 5 year olds sure enjoy each other.

They even hired stilts walking jugglers and balloon blowers!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Nothing Better then Nanie!

The third week of October brought Nanie to town!  The kids were so very excited to see her!  For her first weekend here there was a lot of rain but at least it took a break so that Sunday we could take her to see her first "old thing".  70 km south of Athens is Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon.  Built in 444 BC!

It was so beautiful but crazy windy!

It was the kids fall break from school so we spent one day at the zoo.  The tortoise was the big hit!

Thankful for Nanie to be here, it also gave me a chance to go on my favorite hike in the mornings.  The view from the top is amazing!

Exploring Athens

We had a Saturday without much going on and even in the middle of October, the weather is great so we packed a picnic lunch and went to explore Tatoi Place, it was the summer palace for the former Greek Royal Family.  The 10,000 acre estate is now a park.  

The funniest part of the day is these cows.  They were just wondering all over and eating the grass.  Lots of people were at the estate walking around and many of them had their dogs with them.  At one point a dog who was off leash decided to start chasing a cow.  Within moments there were 3 dogs chasing a small herd of cows through estate.  It was so funny listening to a man chasing and yelling in Greek at three dogs barking their heads off and the bells around the cows neck ringing!

December Already?!

I can't believe that it's already December?  I think I'm more then just a little behind on the blog so here we go.  

The month started with a trip to a cafe in downtown Athens, Cap Cap.  Not only is the place delicious but they chance the theme every few months making it a lot of fun to go check out.  The theme this time was Harry Potter.  The decorations were amazing, the food was so good and the desserts were out of this world!

The next weekend we were checking out a few Church, afterwards we out to brunch at a restaurant with some of the other families.  Sadly, only the boys got to try the food since shortly after arriving Charlotte fell on the stairs and busted her cheek.  So thankful we had friends who were able to keep the boys for us while we rushed Charlotte to her first hospital and stitches experience.  Poor girl!

The next day her eye was pretty swollen!  She was so brave though, and she loved showing people are owie!  

Thankfully with another day she was back to her normal self!