Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Exploring Athens

We had a Saturday without much going on and even in the middle of October, the weather is great so we packed a picnic lunch and went to explore Tatoi Place, it was the summer palace for the former Greek Royal Family.  The 10,000 acre estate is now a park.  

The funniest part of the day is these cows.  They were just wondering all over and eating the grass.  Lots of people were at the estate walking around and many of them had their dogs with them.  At one point a dog who was off leash decided to start chasing a cow.  Within moments there were 3 dogs chasing a small herd of cows through estate.  It was so funny listening to a man chasing and yelling in Greek at three dogs barking their heads off and the bells around the cows neck ringing!

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