Tuesday, January 12, 2016


So while my amazing mom was watching the kids, Sean and I snuck off to a weekend in Monemvasia.  It's a small island off the east coast of the Peloponnese.  For the drive out there Sean planned for a stop at a winery that he had discovered.


That's a lot of wine!
 We really enjoyed the wine tasting.  This was the first time ever that we have ever done a tasting at a winery that we both enjoyed all the reds and whites that we tasted.  Way to go Greece!  

After our wine tasting and shopping, we continued the drive.

Approaching and getting our first view of the island, the clouds made it eerie but so beautiful. 

After you drive onto the island you come to the old castle wall.  
 From that point on there are no more cars.  Just crazy walkways.

 In-between all the crazy paths and walkways you keep getting peeks of the water.

 After a little bit of wondering trying to find our way we got to our room for the weekend.

After checking in we explored the town a little.  We found a crazy bar that had won some drink competitions in Europe.  

These two drinks took about 15 mins to make.  They were crazy elaborate and just the garnish were at least 5 to 6 components.   Both drinks were unlike anything I had before, so delicious.  

Breakfast the next day in our little hotel.  The spread was traditional Greek breakfast and very good.

After breakfast we spent the day exploring, and getting lost more the once.  ;)

I loved all the views of water between the buildings.
I also loved all the unique doors! 
The little town in the castle walls had at least 5 churches.  Each were different and unique.

We walked to the edge of the castle walls and went through to see what was on the other side.  

At the end of the cliff was what looked to be an old lighthouse getting remodeled.  Without roads all remodeling is very slow!  They have to take one wheelbarrow at a time with supplies.
It was a crazy windy weekend and watching the waves crash was actually pretty relaxing.
Love this color!  I wonder if Sean will let me paint our door.  :)
After we walked through both sides of the castle we decided to see how high up we could explore.  We were staying in the lower town. The upper town had been much more destroyed and wasn't open to the public.  They were working on restoring some of the rails and safety features of the upper town in order to open it back up.

They had signs posted that people weren't allowed up the path.  We have officially gone Greek and ignored the signs.  

The gate to the upper town.  Hoping to be able to go back and see the upper town once its open.

Can you tell its crazy windy?
All the crazy walkways and paths made exploring fun!
Another beautiful door, another beautiful church.

For our second dinner on the island, we went to dinner at this amazing restaurant that specialized in a slightly different take on Greek food.  It was all done in an upscale way as tapas.  One of the best meals I've ever had.  It was a modern design in an old castle.   

 Sean got a little excited about the feta baked in honey with sesame seeds.

I loved the art on the walls, this beautiful painting was one of my favorites.

I had to show Sean how much I liked this restaurant!

 That was the end of our weekend.  Goodbye crazy wind and waves.

Goodbye island!

On the drive home I loved just looking at the scenery, its not what I expected when moving to Greece.

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  1. What a lovely trip. We are also fascinated by all the doors, their colors, but especially their knobs and hinges. It's kind of sad how many photos we have of different doors. haha! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.