Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Its the busiest time of year!

The kids and Sean were pretty excited when they discovered we could get a live Christmas tree here in Athens.  We had assumed we would only get a fake so getting the real thing put big smiles on everyone's faces!  

Sometimes Charlotte has a hard time getting up in the morning.  Its pretty funny, I'm getting little flashes of what the Teen Years might look like.

She was not amused by all my laughing!

But once she decided it was an all pink day, things got better.  ;)

 We have been working on potty training, so of course that means a lot of hand washing.  Unfortunately for me, I was busy with dinner this time and she decided that MORE water was better then less.

The US Embassy here decorates and lights up a tree every year.  The Ambassador turns on the tree for the first time and its lots of Christmas Carols and hot chocolate!

 Sean managed to sneak out of work to watch Bryce's school play.  This year they did The Night Before Christmas, and Bryce's class were Rapping Mice!  It was so cute.  He had a lot of fun being in character and explain to us later what it means to be "cool".

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