Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life in WA

The boys and I have been in WA at my parents house for almost 2 weeks now.  In general the weather has been great, highs in the high 60s/low 70s, which means the boys and I can spend a lot of time outside playing.

Both of the boys have had big milestones since being here.

Ryan got his first bicycle and LOVES to ride it.  Its pretty much the first thing he wants to do in the morning, after breakfast of course.  And he is LOVING having his Nanie and Papa around.  He always wants to know where they are at all times.  When Papa gets home from work in the evenings Ryan has to run all over telling us that Papa's home, then he runs up to him and says "Papa, I miss you."  So sweet!  Of course hanging out with Papa at night is so much more fun then hanging out with me but it does have some interesting side effects.  The other day I was cuddling with Ryan on the couch because he said his tummy hurt, I start to rub his little legs and he looks at me and says "Stop it Mama, don't touch my fur, we got to brush it out later."  Say what?  Apparently Papa told him that the hair on his legs was fur and that like the dogs, you have to brush fur.  I didn't even know how to respond to that comment.

Bryce has started walking up a storm.  Before it was just a few steps here and there, and in the last week its been crazy watching him trying to walk everywhere.  And if its a long distance he will look up and you and grunt while reaching for your hand.  He wants to make sure that he has a little support but really wants to walk.  On top of walking Bryce is trying really hard to communicate.  He now can sign sometimes for "all done", he waves for Daddy on Skype and loves to say "uh-oh".  He uses it constantly and he knows what it means.  Its pretty darn cute/infuriating when he holds his cup over the edge of this chair says "uh-oh" then drops it!  Little stinker!

Both boys started swim classes.  And to my shock and surprise, both love it!  I was worried that Ryan was going to keep being my chicken and not be willing to try anything new, but he got right in the water and listens to what the teacher says.  He gets excited to go to class and has a lot of fun the whole time so I count that as a win.  And of course Bryce loves it.  Today was his first lesson and there were about 10 babies with their parents.  The teacher hands out little pretend flower watering pots and tells us to pour a little water on their feet while singing "This is the way we wash our..." to get them used to the water.  She tells the class to start working their way up their babies body but not to worry about the head/face since its the first day and to not expect too much.  The second this sentence is out of her mouth Bryce grabs the pot out of my hand, fills it with water and dumps it over his own head while giggling.  That got a good laugh from everyone.  He was a huge flirt and smiled and giggled at everyone and everything.

And so goes life in WA.  Lots of walks, time spent outside, and bonding with Grandparents.

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