Saturday, July 23, 2011

Water, Toilet Paper and Cars.

Life keeps flying by in Washington.  We have gotten to do a lot of fun things and just getting to hang out here is fun for the boys.

I took Ryan to his first movie in the theaters.  We went and saw Cars 2.  He loved it.  Of course we got popcorn, which Ryan promptly ate most of.  He was really good through most of the movie but of course after all the water and popcorn he had to go to the bathroom, during the final 2 minutes of the movie.  He didn't mind that he missed the end, he just had fun and loved going.  But now I need to go back by myself so I know what happened.

And of course my parents have learned some valuable lessons with having the boys around.
Like the fact that you have to keep bathroom doors closed at all times.  Otherwise little people decide its time to figure out what all this toilet paper is for.
And since he had already pulled it all down I let him keep it to play with in the living room.

Ryan has had a lot of firsts while here.  Here he is getting his first motorcycle (scooter) ride with Papa.

Here are some pictures from Ryan's swim class.  It was an awesome program for 3-5 year olds with one teacher for 4 kids.  He loved going!  
He never liked getting his face in the water but had so much fun with all the games the teacher came up with. 
He did float on his back.
Huge splashes!
And here is my cheesy little water baby.

That's it from here for now.  Hoping tomorrow will be another beautiful day with lots of playtime outside for the boys and I.

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