Saturday, October 17, 2015

Weekends Away

Weekend in Greece, guess its time for a road trip!  Don't think look so excited? ;)

In so many ways Greece has done nothing but surprise me, mostly in great and amazing ways.  We decided to head start with Nafplio, a seaport town in the Peloponnese.  The drive there reminded me so much of driving in Northern California.  

First stop is Palamidi, a fortress built by the Venetians in 1711.  The water was SO blue and the kids loved getting to climb all over the stones and explore.   

After the fortress we drove Galatas and caught a 5 min ferry to our first Greek island, Poros.

We checked into our hotel and realized that the views in Greece are amazing.

Our first night in Poros we walked down for dinner. We were on the dock for dinner and got to watch the sunset while we ate.

Ryan has been talking about trying octopus since we first started to talk about moving to Greece.  So this was his first time trying it.  He really enjoyed it!

 Officially and fully in love with Greece.

For our second day we discovered that on top of Poros is The Temple of Poseidon.  There wasn't much left, but considering it dates back to 520 BC its still pretty amazing!
 You can still see the markings on the stones, these are the marking of a game.

 The kids were more entertained by finding olives on the ground and trees then the ruins.

After the morning exploring ruins we figured the kids deserved some beach time.

 Another amazing discovery is the food, this is what the Greeks consider fast food, its full service at the beach and its so good! Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and honey.
 Fresh baked bread with olive tapenade, Greek salad (tastes nothing like what you get in the states), burgers and club sandwiches with wedge potatoes and dip.  We still get a laugh out of the bills for food, its SO good and fresh that its surprising how cheap it is.

We walked around downtown and then hit up a place downtown for dinner.  

 The kids thought it was pretty amazing that they place had octopus hanging up beside a grill and then they started cooking it on the grill.

 I will never get tired of the food here!

Last day and we were off too the Theatre of Epidaurus, this theatre has 1,400 seats and is famous for having almost prefect acoustics.  You can stand in the center of the stage and speak in a normal voice and be heard perfectly from every seat.

Just a normal weekend right?  

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