Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Real Life Begins

So we got home from the cruise on Saturday and Monday Sept 7th the boys started school.  We ended up deciding to send them to Campion School, a private British school on the outskirts of Athens.  They were pretty excited for the first day.  We managed to get their 'summer' weather uniforms ready.

We were pretty lucky that Sean had one more day of leave so that he could be there for the first day of school.  Poor Ryan burst into tears as we left.  And I can't really blame him, its his 3 year in a row starting at a different school and this time in a different country!  Of course when before Sean could leave Bryce's classroom he was already standing on a table being a goofball.  At least we are happy to say that we had a big surprise for them when they got home from school.  Our unaccompanied baggage had arrived, so 900 pounds of household stuff, including all their bedding and their lovies!  They got to hug their lovies and tell us all about how much fun they had their first day!  

Day two of their new school meant that they were going to ride the bus to school.  Buses are WAY different here.  All kids school buses have seatbelts and a chaperone!  So the driver just worries about driving and the chaperone helps take care of the kids.  Love it!

By day 4 of school, bus pick up time had become a bit silly!

On Friday Charlotte and I went back to the laiki (farmers market), I tried to get some pictures of just what a huge range of items you can find.

Pants anyone?
 How about some random kitchen items?
 Everyone needs underwear from the farmers market right?
 Of course there is lots and lots of produce.

After that we met a friend for a little playtime.  And I got decorated with stickers.  

 Then she decided that they looked better on her.
 Quick stop in a local chain bakery to check out what kinds of things they have.  I never realized with moving here how amazing all their baking and pastry was going to be.  
 Beautiful cakes and pies for around 15 euro, about 18 dollars, or about half what they would cost in Washington D.C., lol.

 The platia, square, that has lots of restrants and is where the laiki beings.

 Thankfully she decided to walk home so I could use her stroller for all my produce!
 So delicious, fresh and cheap!

On Saturday Sean took the boys to an airshow.  I stayed home with the little lady.  The boys had a blast getting to fly an F-16 simulator!

Sunday we decided to do our first Greek beach trip.  We drove over Penteli Mountain (this is the mountain right behind us) and down the other side.  The views were so amazing!  How did we get so lucky???

Thanks for another great week Athens!

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