Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Year, New Trip

Christmas is over, its almost sad but then again that means its time to get out of Greece for a ski trip! Sun rising at the airport on our way to Germany!

Kids like being silly at the airport.

Hello Garmish!

Hello Edelweiss! 

First step is to make sure everyone has their ski gear.  Charlie decided to try on the largest boots they have in stock, mens size 14!

Boys making sure everything fits right.

First day of dropping the boys off at ski school and Charlie went to day care, that mean's Sean and I got to go on a ski date!

 After a few hours of skiing its time for lunch and relaxing!

Picking up the boys after their first day of ski school, they had so much fun!

Day two of the kids away made for a date day trip to the Ettal Monastery.  It still houses monks who teach at the school that makes up part of the grounds.

 The inside of the chapel was amazing, made even more special since it was still decorated for Christmas.

 After the Monastery we went on a short walk to a local cheese factory for a demonstration, samples of their amazing cheeses and lunch.

After ski school it usually meant time for a swim and then dinner.  After all that Bryce was a little hungry and didn't feel like sharing the pizza.  ;)

Day 3 of boys in ski school.  Sadly there wasn't a lot of snow for this time of year, so while I spent the day at the resort swimming and relaxing, Sean took the train and the cable car up Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany with the hopes of more snow. 

One night Sean went on a beer tour and dinner.  He got to taste a lot of local and unique beers, a welcome treat since Greece isn't exactly known for its beer.  

It was fun being at Edelweiss while it was still decorated for Christmas.

The boys went to a kids New Years Eve party but Charlie was too young to attend.  So we celebrated with her in the room.  Sean had a German beer, I had a German wine and Charlie got to watch a movie on the iPad.  We tried to get her to smile but she didn't want to look up fro the movie.  ;)

Long before midnight we were all sound asleep but the resort started their New Years fireworks show with tons of people and music.  We woke to the sound of it and were so luck that our room had a great view.  We sat there for 30 minutes just watching the show.  Well, Sean, Charlie and I did.  The boys were so exhausted from ski school and swimming that they slept right threw it.

Welcome 2016!

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