Thursday, June 23, 2016

Starting 2016!

We rented a sled so that we could take Charlie sledding but quickly discovered that all she wanted to do was have a snowball fight!

We were at a great spot to see the boys going up the mountain with their ski school.

After an epic snowball battle, we took her up the gondola to watch her brothers ski.

Waiting for your hot chocolate to arrive is very sad!

Funny face selfies to the rescue!

It finally arrived!!!

Getting their ski school medals on the last day!

Celebrating ski school graduation with a traditional German beer.  ;)

All dressed up to tour Garmish!

Its below freezing, of course ice cream is needed.

Having not had a chance to ski for a few years (Ryan) to never having been on skis (Bryce), they did so great by the end of the week!

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