Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lt Col Leaman

The end of March brought a very important event for the Leaman Family.  Sean got promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.  We were so lucky to be able to have his promotion ceremony on the US Embassy grounds.
 Sean's boss Col Gardner told a great story to recap the past 15 years of Air Force service.

 Trying to get the kids to stand still and not pull too much on Sean while he was standing at attention for the reading of the Orders.

 Friend and co-worker Lieutenant Colonel Walker read the orders.
 The US Ambassador Pearce helped the kids to pin on Sean's new rank.

 Charlie started to think that all these people must be here to see her.  ;)
Ambassador Pearce did the Oath of Office.

 The kids were so excited to finally be able to hug Daddy!

Ambassador Pearce gave a wonderfully thoughtful speech highlighting Sean's career and what servicing our country has meant for our family.
 Wonderful to getting to experience this with so many friends from our Embassy community.

 After the formal parts Sean got to say thank you for all the people coming out to celebrate.

 As part of his thanks Sean planned to have flowers for the ladies in his life.

 Charlie was THRILLED!!

 My little ham.  :)
 We got a chance to thank everyone who came and for them to pass on best wishes to Sean.

 The boys did a great job shaking hands and thanking people for coming.

 A wonderful chance to get a quick photo with my favorite Lt Col! 

 Afterwards Sean had arranged a band to play and we had a short happy hour at the Marine Bar at the Embassy.

We got to play and hang out with friends.  Then it was back to our house for a dinner with all our military friends/family to celebrate and relax.  So very proud of Sean Leaman!!!!

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