Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trip of the 3 Bs, Part Four

The last leg of our trip was to Brussels!  Our first night we wondered and discovered this great restaurant that had delicious pomme frites and Flemish Beef Stew.  

Sadly little sleep was to be had that night.  Unfortunately our apartment in Brussels was on TOP of a bar that had live music going until past 1am. So that morning was a little rough until we discovered Boulangerie Charli, an amazing bakery with French style pastry and breakfast.

Our Charlie approved of the Pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant).

After that it was time to wander and look around Brussels!

The meringues were HUGE!!!  I couldn't believe the number of chocolate stores.

The Grand Place was breathtaking!  Even with all the people is was so beautiful to look around.

 Sweet smiles and then silly faces!

 The kids were so good about looking through all the history we wanted to see and chocolate stores for me, that a reward trip to a candy store was in order.

We didn't manage to get pictures of it but we did stop at Delirium Pub for Sean, an amazing place with over 40 beers on tap with countless others in the bottle.  Kids got to eat their candy while Sean got to savor his beer.  We also stopped at Chez Leon, one of the oldest restaurants in Brussels.  It was famous for their mussels but since none of us are big fans we decided to enjoy the other suggestions like roasted sausages and mashed root vegetables much to everyone's delight.
 Since it was cold we went all the way down to the Royal Museum of Armed Forces and Military History.

 Just from the outside I knew the kids would like this place.  ;)

 There is my girl....hugging a bomb turned ashtray, lol.

 The kids really enjoyed looking at the places and tanks.
 Leaving the museum through an archway that looked a lot like the Brandonberg Gate we had just seen in Berlin was very cool.

 Brussels was a very cool city of old and new.  This last shot made the city look so modern.  
We had a great trip!  I would love to go back to visit again but sadly we have so much more exploring to do. One day hopefully we will make it back again!

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