Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Countdown....

The last major count down we had was for Daddy leaving.  Not the happiest of count downs.

But now we have a happy one.  The magic number is 20, that's right, less then 20 hours until Nana gets here!  Can I get a Woooo Hoooo?!?

That means in less then 20 hours I will no longer be outnumbered!  There will be someone here to help with the kids so I can actually get a few things accomplished.  And speaking of things that need to get accomplished, I need to get our whole crazy household packed up and moved to Washington for the next six weeks.  My WHOLE CRAZY house, that means moving two kids, two dogs and even the stupid cat.  Its going to make for a very LONG and LOUD car ride.  Please send us prayers!

The good news is, once we get the crazy household to WA it means that we will once again have more adults then children!  Its going to be a chance for me to get a break on occasion and for the boys to get some serious loving.  I know that this past few months have got to be hard on them, so I can't wait for them to have their grandparents around to help love on them and spoil them a little, they deserve it.

And its funny to think that my crazy house is going to make my parents quiet life become loud.  We are going to make their house explode to 3 adults, 2 kids, 4 dogs, and 1 cat.  Send them prayers or maybe earplugs.

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