Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My favorite men...

Just felt like sharing my favorite moments of the day with my two little men (mainly because they were not so good most of the day an I wanted to put them up for sale at the soonest yard sale, so just trying to remind myself that they can be really cute).

So Ryan has be struggling when it comes to sharing with his brother and spends a lot of time getting yelled at for stealing toys.  But today we were playing in the kitchen an Bryce wanted to play with Ryan's truck.  Ryan of course said no and took the truck away.  Bryce starts crying and I start trying to distract him with something else while telling Ryan that he needs to share more.  I look away for a moment trying to clean up dinner and next thing I know Ryan is talking with Bryce, turns out he had gone into the office to bring out Bryce his own truck that was the same as his.  He was so proud of himself and I was equally as proud of him.  He can be such a sweet boy sometimes.

Bryce had two of my favorite moments of the day.  During dinner anytime I would hand him something to eat that he liked he would shake his head yes, and if he didn't like it he would shake it no.  It was too darn funny to watch him shake yes every time I put chicken in his month then look at me and shake no if I tried to get him to eat corn.  He had Ryan and I both laughing.

Then after bed time I heard Bryce crying in his crib.  I've been trying to get him to go back to sleep himself so I just let him cry it out for awhile, then I finally gave up and went to check on him.  He was so mad that I was ignoring him that he had taken everything out of his crib and thrown it one the floor.  Well, I guess tonight he was extra mad because he had taken off his PANTS and thrown them out too.  He was so confused to why I burst out laughing.

So focusing on the funny and good things.  Praying for better weather so we can spend more time outside with hopefully less drama.

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