Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thoughts from a 3 year old.

Recent things that have come out of Ryan's mouth.

Driving to base.
Ryan-"Look Mama, grass."
Me-"Yeah, well, driving through cattle pastures there is a lot of grass."
Ryan-"No mama, grass for the grasshoppers.  Their hiding."
Me-Stupefied by his point.

Getting to base.
Ryan-"Look Mama, its the base."
Me-"Yup, that's the base."
Ryan-"I'm in charge."
Ryan-"Yeah, I'm in charge."
Me-"Well, I'm glad we got that cleared up."

While the boys are playing in the office, screaming noises at each other and laughing.
Me-"Ryan, that's too loud."
Ryan-"No Mama, not too loud, I make Bryce happy."
Me-Once again stupefied by his good point.

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