Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Well, we are back in lovely green Mountain Home.  We loved our time in Washington, the cooler weather and getting spoiled by Nanie and Papa.

We are settling back into our exciting life here.  Back to the mornings spent at the gym and afternoons playing outside and with friends.  Bryce continues to be more outgoing and crazy by the day.  He loves to be outside and has taken up the habit of taking my hand, dragging me to a door and saying "Uhhh huh!"

Ryan's preschool had its open house today.  And he was less then excited about starting a new year.  On the other hand, Bryce instantly started checking out the room and looked like he was ready to learn anything they threw at him.  Can I send the 16 month old to school with the 3 year old?  At least Bryce would bite anyone that messed with his brother.

Both boys are definitely missing their Daddy lately.  Ryan especially.  He has been crying lately and telling me its because he misses him.  And he is now saying that he doesn't have to give me any more kisses until Daddy comes home.  Poor me, I could really use some kisses from my little man.

I would add some recent photos of the boys but sadly I don't have any.  As it turns out Bryce wanted to take up photography and was playing with my camera.  He also learned a little science, like the rule about gravity.  Apparently tile floors don't get along with expensive cameras.  So now I'm just sucking up the courage to buy a new lens.

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