Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let's Get Going

Back in the spring on 2014 we found out that Sean got an assignment to work at the US Embassy in Athens, Greece.  So June of 2014 we moved to Washington DC for Sean to spend the year learning Greek.  Normally we have 3-4 months from when we find out about an assignment to when we move. This move for us was 16 MONTHS in the making.  So when Aug 15 rolled around, we were pretty excited.  We decided that before we needed one last American breakfast before we left.  Friends and family met us at IHOP before we had to leave for the airpot.

With our breakfast finished it was off to the airport.

17 checked times later (15 bags and 2 car seats) and lots of hugs later we were ready to start!

We got to the airport 3 hours prior to take off since we had so many bags and where traveling overseas.  
We got on our flight, sat for 20 mins then got the announcement that Washington regional tower was out.  Off the plane for us.  We ended up taking off 3 hours late for our first flight. We landed at JFK and our original time of having 3 hours before our connection were gone.  So second flight was missed.  :(  Thankfully we managed to get rebooked, but it was for a later flight from JFK to Paris, then Paris to Athens.

Getting everyone settled on our flight to Paris.  This is now 8pm and kids are starting to get tired and we are JUST getting ready to take off.
They finally started getting sleepy, but not until our flight was almost over!  

This little lady only slept for about an hour!

By the time we landed in Paris everyone was pretty tired.  We landed in Paris around when we were originally supposed to be landing in Athens and we had another hour or two to kill before our flight to Athens.  Eek!  

One last flight, we land in Athens!  But sadly we land with no bags, somehow they lost all 17 checked items.  At this point we just laughed.  We got picked up by the Embassy who took us straight to our new house.  And thankfully they passed the message that our bags were lost and people came together and gave us diapers and PJs/clothes for the kids.  What a huge blessing.

Even though everyone was tired, they were sure excited to check out their new house.  They loved that their rooms had a balcony.

After the kids were in bed, Sean and I enjoyed exploring our new place too, taking a ride in our elevator then enjoying an adult beverage on our back patio.

Athens, I think we are going to get along great!

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