Monday, September 28, 2015

Cruise Part 3

We woke up on September 4th really excited about exploring Naples.  We used our trusty Rick Steves book to get off the ship and head for the metro.  

We had about an hour on the train, and Charlotte make sure to study the book on our way to Pompeii. 

The view from the train as we headed into the countryside was beautiful.
 The train station in Pompeii.  

Our first view of Pompeii.  This city was founded in 600 B.C.  The amount of restoration done was simply amazing! 

Bryce wanted to pose for a picture.
 Then he got silly.  

 Alright, enough sillies now its time to explore. Everyday the citizens would flood the streets with gushing water in order to clean it.  To prevent their feet from getting wet the streets had stepping stones to use to cross.  Of course the kids loved them!  

We stopped in the Forum to get an idea of what we wanted to try and see.

 Reading and discussing what had happened here.

Too bright for anything but silly faces!

 Seeing the houses that people lived in was fascinating. 

 These two have a special connection.

 After walking around for a few hours we were all hot and tired. 

Bryce wanted to demonstrate what that looked like. 

One of two theaters at Pompeii.

 Charlotte let me know that it was time to leave.

We took the train back to Naples and followed Rick's suggestions for getting a great late lunch at Pizzeria Trianon.  We shared bruschetta, margherita and buffalo cheese pizzas.  Some of the best pizza I've ever had!  

After we got back to the ship the boys decided they wanted to spend their last dinner on the ship in the Kids Club.  So Charlotte, Sean and I watched from the balcony as the sun set and we pulled out of port.  

 Charlotte loved the seagulls flying right next to the ship.

After our last dinner, we went to get the boys from Kids Club, they couldn't wait to show us their decorations from the kids parade.  It turned into a dancing party on the top of the ship.

The next morning was a quick breakfast then to the shuttle for the airport.  Quick plane ride back to Athens and we can call an end to our cruise.

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