Friday, August 26, 2016

February Brings a Break in the Weather

 Middle of February and the weather wasn't too cold so our neighbors suggested a hiking location that was near our house.  It was a gray day with clouds which made it so beautiful!

Of course someone has short legs so I got an extra good workout by carrying her up most the way.  :)

The hike had amazing views of where they used to quarry for marble.

Let them have a silly face or two and then I can get a shot of their sweet smiles.

At the top of our hike we discovered an old church built into the mouth of a cave.

Time to do some cave exploring!


The rocks were covered in green from all the recent rain and dampness.  Made them seem like they were glowing.

The little church still contained icons.  While most the time in Greece buildings and locations will get covered in spray-paint or vandalized, people will NOT do anything to damage a church.

We had lunch and a show getting to watch rock climbers working their way up.  The kids thought it was so exciting and kept waving at them.

The way back down was just as beautiful. 

 On Valentines Day Charlotte brought this home from school for me.  Her preschool has Cookery once a week and whatever they make comes home to be shared with the family.  Well, this week they made their moms chocolate truffles!  

This school sure knows the way to my heart!  :)

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