Friday, August 26, 2016

Trip of the 3 Bs, Part Three

After delays flying from Berlin to Brussels, then training to Bruges we finally found our hotel and decided to walk around and try to get dinner.  Sean and I could have walked around all night in this picturesque city but the kids were worn out after a long day.

Of course the restaurant we have wanted to go to was closed unexpectedly for the night so we did a little bit of looking on trip advisor and came across this place, Bones Brugge.  

Sean got to enjoy some of the famous local Belgium beers. 
 And I had a first, they leave a HUGE bottle of red wine on the table, you drink however much you want from it, then at the end of your meal they measure on the bottle how much you drank and only charge you for that.  

Charlotte was so tired she actually feel asleep on Sean during dinner.  Anyone who knows my kids knows that they ONLY sleep in their beds so it was clearly a very long day.

 The next morning we went out for breakfast to the Gingerbread Bagel Coffee and Tea House.  It was amazing!  The hot chocolate came as DIY, hot milk with real Belgium chocolate in the bottom that you mix until ready to drink.

Even something as simple as bagels were extraordinary.  Ryan's bagel was covered in cream cheese with fresh fruit and Bryce's got a cinnamon raisin bagel with a house-made apple compote.  

Charlotte was impressed with her fresh waffle covered in powdered sugar on a pretty plate.

 Of course they didn't call it the Gingerbread House for nothing, breakfast was only complete after the kids were given house-made gingerbread men!

After breakfast it was time to walk around and explore Bruges!

Lots of walking means the kids earned treats.  We stopped at the famous Chez Albert for street waffles.  As you can see we are the MEANEST parents ever!  We actually make kids sit down to eat!  HOW DARE WE! 

At least the boys enjoyed sitting down, eating waffles and watching the pigeons. 

Sean and I just enjoyed a little bit of quiet and soaked up the beauty!

After exploring it was time for a museum, but this time it was Choco-Story the Chocolate Museum!

 The sculptures made entirely of chocolate really impressed the kids!

After the chocolate museum we made sure to stop by Dumon Chocolatier.  This little shop was simply amazing, they had more types of chocolate then I'd ever seen and it was amazing.  I made sure to buy some for our return home.

The last thing we got to see before leaving Bruge was the Basilica of the Holy Blood, it was built in 1134.  But the most amazing part of this Roman Church is what it had inside the beautiful windows and decorations it contains a phial with a cloth that is stained with Jesus Christ's blood.  The kids and I were amazed to see it! 

Goodbye Bruge.......We LOVED You!

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