Friday, August 26, 2016

Trip of the 3 Bs, Part One

The kids had a week off from school the last week of February so we decided to explore more of Europe.  Lots of planning later we had our itinerary and were ready to go.  Our trip affectionately became known as the Trip of the 3 Bs.  We planned to go to Berlin, Brugge and then Brussels.

At the airport the boys heard the announcement to guard your bags and took it seriously.  :)  They told me they were ready to do Taekwondo against any bad guys.

After arriving in Berlin it was pretty cold but we did our best to have fun and explore the city and all its amazing history.  The walk from the apartment we rented had some giant almost playground type features so of course we had to stop for a few minutes.  

 The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe was both beautiful and haunting.  Located next to the US Embassy in Berlin it contains 2,711 concrete slabs of different heights.  The site is remember the more then 3 million Jews killed during WWII.  It was amazing to see the shear size of it.

Next we walked down to the Brandenburg Gate, one of those recognized landmarks in Berlin.  It was started in 1788 and lead to the Royal Palace.  Since then it was isolated and inaccessible because of the Berlin Wall.  The gate got lots of media coverage when the Wall came down since it was so close to it.  

It was bitter cold, but trust me, Charlotte is in there under all those layers.

 After a quick stop for some hot chocolate to warm up it was on to the Reichstag building.  The reconstruction really made this building impressive to look at.  We had hoped to go in and see Berlin from the glass and steel dome on top, but the line was long and kids were fading.  

 Super Charlie was spotted in Germany.

A rare picture of Bryce smiling....

Ohh wait...back to normal....

Charlotte decided that Daddy was cold and needed her scarf.

Another rare picture, Sean and I without the kids.  Of course I don't know why my hand looks like I'm going shooting him.

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