Monday, September 28, 2015

Cruise Part 2

September 2nd we woke to a slightly rainy day in Barcelona.  We weren't going to let that stop us since we had been really excited to get out and explore the city.  

 The rain was coming down pretty strong so we spent a bit of time just trying to think up our game plan.  We were so thankful that shortly after we got there, the rain finally stopped. 

Silly faces in the rain! 

After we got the sillies out, the rain stopped and we picked up our trusty Rick Steves book.  Off to his walking tour The Ramblas Ramble.  The walk begins at Barcelona's main square and leads you down the city's main drag: the Ramblas.  

The momument to Columbus. 
 Right off the Ramblas is the La Boqeria Market.  This market is like a permanent farmers market that has been selling animal parts since 1200!  Not only were there fresh fish and meats, but also nuts, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, pastry/candy, fresh juices and stall like restaurants where you pull up a bar stool and order as the food is made in front of you.  Truly the most amazing market I've ever seen.  

 And I guess the Spanish have a sense of humor--I managed to snap of picture of these peppers without the kids seeing it.  Eek!

We continued our walk up the Ramblas to the Placa de Catalunya.  Charlotte needed a big brother rescue from the pigeons.  

 Sean couldn't help but snap a picture of Obama British-American Bar.  We didn't realize that Obama was British.  

We decided to take the metro after the walk to see the Sagrada Familia.  It was something we had both wanted to see.  Architect Antoni Gaudi started this super-sized church in 1883 and worked on it until his death in 1926.  They are still working on finishing his design based on the classics, nature and religion.  It was the craziest and strangest church I've ever seen, and one I would really like to see completed.

The kids were starting to get tired so we didn't get a chance to see inside, have to pick your battles when traveling with three young kids.  So we decided that we can't leave Spain without some Paella.  We found a restaurant just up the street from the church with an outdoor seating area.  We got to enjoy some really delicious food with a great view of the church.

We headed back to the ship and relaxed before seeing another show, this time it was Pirates.

September 3rd we woke up and got to enjoy a day at sea! The boys went back to Kids Club and enjoyed one of the cooking classes.  This time, they did a baking class.  They both ate the cakes that they made, but Ryan was determined to make sure his sister got to share in on the fun so he asked them if he could bring a cake back for Charlotte.  I wish I got a picture of Charlotte's face, the fact that the boys brought her a giant slice of cake COVERED in sprinkles just made her day.  

After lunch and the GIANT slice of cake it was time for the pool.

Ohh, yeah, it was just a terrible day.  ;)  Up next, Naples!

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