Saturday, September 26, 2015

Let's Cruise

August 30th we woke up in La Spezia, Italy.  We decided that since Florence and Tuscany were both areas we wanted to spend more than just a few hours at, we decided on a trip to Pisa. 

Starting our walking tour
  The buildings around the field of miracles were just beautiful.  Full of amazing details, including an interesting fact that all of the buildings there are leaning just a bit...not just the obvious tower.
 It was Sunday and there was a church service going on so we couldn't go inside.
 Behind the church you can see the Leaning Tower peaking out.

 Ryan liked listening to the details concerning the area from the tour guide.
 The boys thought it was pretty crazy looking up at such a tall building that was a "mistake" that they didn't want to fix.

 She loved that carrier.

 After we saw a bit of the Tower we walked around more of Pisa.  There is a college in the town, but its hard to image going to school in all those amazing old buildings.

After checking out the town it was time to go back to the tower and be silly.

 Charlotte enjoyed more of a "Ta-Da" hands verses holding up the tower position.
 My crazy crew.
 Trying on her own.
Getting a little encouragement from Mom.
Decided to hold up the tower with her feet would be better.
Crazy girl.
And we don't really wonder where she got the craziness from.  
 Goodbye Pisa!

 The views from the bus on the way back to the ship were breathtaking!
 Trying to keep everyone calm on the bus is always a challenge.
 Back to the ship and now for some pool/cocktail time!
 View as we headed to dinner.

 My little ham at dinner.

After dinner it was bedtime.  We put the kids to bed and sat on the balcony with the intention of reading our books.  Little did we know we would get a great view of a huge fireworks show.  Not a bad full first day of vacation.

The next morning, August 31st we arrived in Cannes, France.  We decided to just use Rick Steves book and wonder around.  

From the harbor we walked up to Eglise Notre Dame d'Esperance, the old church was beautiful and the views it offered of Cannes were well worth the walk.

 Even better than the walk up was the walk down.  It was steep and the kids LOVED running down it.

After walking through the town we headed back toward the harbor and found a two story carousel.  Their choices were prefect - Charlotte wanted the pink scooter, Bryce got the Batman motorcycle and Ryan got the pirate ship.

 As we walked back toward the ship, Charlotte decided that she couldn't make it and nap time it was.

 I decided that it was time for a pedicure, and the view from the chair was great! Very relaxing after walking around Cannes.
 The boys went to kids camp so it was just us and Charlotte for some pool time.

 She LOVED the pools but the water was a little cold.
 Time to get out and enjoy a treat without having to share.
 We asked her to smile or tell us if she liked it.  But she wasn't willing to risk taking the straw out of her mouth, lol.
 After dinner it was off to our first show on board.  The kids loved going on the sparkle stairs.

We watched Wonderland. It was a show based on Alice in Wonderland with almost circus like acts and singing.  The boys loved the feats of strength and Charlotte loved the White Rabbit. 

On September 1st we woke up to Palma De Mallorca.  It was a rather grey and rainy day.  So we decided that since there wasn't anything that we had really wanted to see that day, we were going to stay on the ship and relax.  The boys spent a lot of time at the kids club, which they loved.  And needless to say, Charlotte really enjoyed the time with just us.

 Good thing we took a day to relax.  Tomorrow is Barcelona!

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  1. Great photos!!! I really wanted to go to Pisa, but never got the chance. Thanks for 'bringing me along'!