Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Week New Adventure

Our second week started with a trip to the Athens' Zoo.  This zoo was really nice.  I got in with me and the kids for only 16 euro (they had a special for Aug that if you live in Athens you don't pay for kids).  It had a cool story behind the zoo too.  It started as one man's property with a few huge bird cages and a dirt bike track for his kids.  Slowly he kept making it bigger and people started wanting to ride there, and with the animals he kept adding people wanted to see those.  Next thing he knew he had a zoo.  The biking stopped but its a fun place to visit.

This is the cafe for the zoo, love the giant yard for the kids to play.

 Never seen such a dark color on a giraffe before.

How many crazy American kids can you get in an olive tree?

The safari jeep with the lions was a huge hit.

Driving in Greece is pretty interesting.  Learned a few Greek driving rules. 
1. No turn on red EVER. 
2. Magic blinkers (hazard lights) mean you can park anywhere.  Just look at this car parked on the median, its totally normal here.
3.  There are no other rules.

A little spot of America, this is a view of the Embassy and how it looks into downtown Athens.  Isn't it beautiful!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures in the mediterranean! :)