Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Life Starts Now

We arrived in Athens at 5 pm on Sunday August 16th.  At 8am Monday, Sean went to work.  Eek!  Thankfully the amazing spouses offered to combine forces, one watched my kids and another one took me to the grocery store and drove me around the neighborhood.  

The grocery store was pretty nice, I think cooking with be ok here.  :)  I just loved how at the grocery store there was an aisle, that was at least 1/2 olive oil.

After a little exploring it was time for a little playground time.  Awesome playground only 2 blocks from my house and you can't see my kids in this picture because they are running after and playing with 10 other American Embassy kids.

After one slightly stinky day, our bags arrived!  All of them!  It was even better that the bags arrived after the kids were in bed, so we got most of the things put away while they slept.  That is a great way to end the day.

The next night our neighbors invited us to walk down to the local platia (square) to eat at one of the restaurants there.  Our group ended up being 19 strong, 10 kids and 9 adults.  We had a huge assortment of appetizers, mixed grill platters, dessert and wine.  For 19 people our bill was 118 euros, about $130.  Food was amazing and so cheap!  I'm never leaving!  And to top it off, the Greek people are so family friendly that while the adults ate the kids all went and played in the center of the square.

A few more days of settling in and it was back to the platia, this time for my first Freddo Cappuccino (its an iced Greek coffee with cold milk foam) and a trip to the laiki (farmers market).  This market is crazy big! And the prices are so low.  The produce is so fresh and it happens just blocks from my house every Friday all year round.

Our first weekend here brings us to a trip to Ikea, our local playground and some funny laughs at the Greek to English translations that we run across.  Anyone want some "ok bread"?

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