Monday, March 14, 2011

Small Things

I've discovered that its the small things that lift my spirit up everyday.  Today's encouragements came from sweet moments from both my boys.

After I finished my workout today, the sweet sight of Bryce playing with the toys like a toddler captured my heart.  Then he saw me, his face light up, he gave me his pterodactyl squeal and started to crawl to me with the biggest little snaggle tooth smile.

Getting home from class today we received a package in the mail.  Inside were the two daddy dolls I ordered for the boys.  Ryan's face lit up and he cried out "Daddy!"  He then gave the doll the biggest hug and kiss while proclaiming "LOVE Daddy!"  Then he looked at me and said "Ohhh, I know, Daddy goes in Ry Ry bed."  Then he raced off as fast as his little 3 year old legs would take him to put daddy where he belonged.  I love the way that he thinks, its so sweet.   While we got ready for bed he informed me that "Daddy watch Ry Ry sleep, love Daddy."

Its those little sweet moments during the day that fill my heart with so much love for my little men.  And I know that if they can go through this difficult time with such happy and loving spirits, then I can too.


  1. Love it, brought a huge smile to my face! I can just imagine Ryan thinking that way too...;)

  2. Your blog is great! You have such an amazing outlook on life. Love it!