Saturday, March 12, 2011

Take One Step Forward Everybody.....Not So Fast You.

Things had been going really well.  As of today we are one week into a 6 month plus deployment.  Well, I guess things had been going a little too smoothly for me.  Time to get some payback karma.

Got completely organized this morning, to the point I even had time to stop and get coffee before taking the boys into the CDC.  Dropped them off and was impressed at the rooms, they looked awesome.  Bryce cried but he always does.  And I was shocked because Ryan was excited, he is never excited in new places.  He was telling me all about the toys he saw, it was so cool seeing him so happy.

I finished dropping the boys off and managed to get some errands run around town.  When I got home there was already two missed calls from the CDC.  I called and they said Bryce was pretty upset but they were going to keep trying.  I just assumed once they got him to sleep he would be better.  I sat down to start getting the mountains of homework accomplished.  Less then 45 mins later they called back.  Bryce wouldn't stop crying.  I needed to come get him.  :(

So I walk into the CDC to get him and the front desk person asks me how I'm doing and I dissolve into a sobbing mess.  Sobbing!  I don't sob.  Poor think looked panicked.  She calls the manager who brings me into the office.  Meanwhile I'm crying like an idiot.  She goes to check on Bryce who had of course finally fallen asleep by now.  WTF????  She is so sweet but looking at me like I'm going to turn into her next nervous breakdown at any moment.  I mean, this is the first time I've ever met her so its not the best first impression for me.  She gives me the option to go back home since he was asleep but really not liking that idea since that would just add another hour of driving onto my day.  She offers to let me bring the boys in for drop in hourly care.

The nervous wreck, me, gets Bryce (who cries at me for 5 mins just to show me he was mad at me).  Then goes to the next building to get Ryan.  Who LOVED it there.  He tells me all about how much fun he had with the other little boy who was there.  He even pooped on the potty while there.  Wow.  Didn't see that coming.

We make our way home and I try to get some homework done while taking care of the boys.  Lots of e-mails in my account.  Looking through and I have an e-mail about the auction from last night.  Thinking about how strange that is. I start reading and apparently there was a mix up and two of the prizes I was really excited about (Costco card and zoo pass) weren't supposed to be there.  REALLY?!  Do I need to get kicked while I'm down?  What did I do this week to get such terrible karma?  So now I have to give those back, meanwhile my kids are not in good moods and I am now even more behind on my homework.  Geez.  This is not a good start to my weekend.

It can only get better from here right?

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