Thursday, March 24, 2011

A week already?

So I just noticed that it's been a week since I posted.  Wow, don't know how time got away from me.  Ohh wait, I remember, its because I haven't gotten a decent night of sleep in a week.

This is going to be short since I hear my bed calling my name....that might be from sleep deprivation or just wishful thinking that it loves me as much as I love it.  :)

So poor Bryce has finally been getting his top two middle teeth, and now while that boy really needed more teeth, neither of us needed what it takes for him to get them.  My happy baby becomes something out of a horror movie if you try to put him down.  He wants to be held all day.  And while I really do love his cuddles, its really hard to get anything done while holding him these days since he's getting so big.  Plus, sleep becomes impossible for him, and that means for me too.  Poor thing would start screaming every hour.  Finally got him into the doctor yesterday and of course he has a double ear infection.  That's twice now that he teethes and gets a double ear infection.  With meds he is already on the path to being my sweetheart again.

Then there is Ryan.  Who to start the week out on a GREAT note has decided that its way cool to wear underwear like daddy and no longer needs pull ups during the day at all.  He is doing so great at potty training, we only started this 3 weeks ago and there have been no accidents during the day at all.

But of course one sick child wasn't enough so yesterday I got a call from his school that he wasn't feeling well.  So on my way to take Bryce to the doctor I picked up Ryan from school.  And he was running a 102 fever too.  Well, when it rains.....So Ryan got his ears checked too, no infection, just sick.  Poor thing said he was better this morning and went to school but came home and started going down hill fast.

While Bryce is getting better, Ryan is now getting worse.  :(  Hopefully they will both be back to normal sooner rather then later.  I miss my happy little men.

So overall, it was an ok week.  Sick kids, but we survived and will live to see another week.

Plus, we have gotten to Skype with Sean several times AND my baby is potty trained!  So that automatically makes the week great!!!

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